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this is the KILL - MARRY - FUCK community, created to provide a world-wide forum for the ages-old question : given three characters/people/animals/concepts, which one would you kill? marry? fuck?

play_ball, a tremendous nerd, was inspired to create this community after some particularly lengthy discussions on the matter with lalaloveyou, who is pretty good at the game. we both moderate/admin/etc the community. anyone can join, anyone can post, but just make sure your penis width does not exceed your penis length (ergo, don't be a choad).

earlier today, while I was in oceanography class, I could have sworn I'd come up with a good community rule or two. basically, all I can think of is don't be a choad. also, if you're using characters or people that might be relatively obscure, please provide a brief explanation or a link, or just be ready to answer people's questions about it.

also, it seems that the best ones are all connected somehow - frylock/meatwad/master shake, for instance.