Andy Johnson (ajohnson170) wrote in killmarryfuck,
Andy Johnson



any reference to mallrats is hereby disallowed.
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kill the spider. i hate his smug new york attitude. and the yankees.
fuck superman. i hate clark kent.
marry batman. better alter ego.
I think it'd be all about killing superman - he's far too clean-cut and TREMENDOUSLY powerful for my tastes. and yes, brodie bruce is right; this would equate into a fearsome money shot.

I'd marry spider man, because he's the shit; he's a nice guy (generally), and he's pretty fucking awesome.

I'd fuck batman - that's clearly the only choice, as he's too much of a badass to kill, ever, and I don't know if I'd want to marry someone who'd probably end up being impossibly distant (that's no fun). plus, hopefully he'd buy me stuff with his millions and millions of dollars. I'd even dress like robin for him and everything.
i think i agree on all counts, especially if we take into account film portrayals -

i'd love to bang george clooney, and i would be willing to kill christopher reeve for a chance to spend the rest of my life with tobey macguire. what a dreamboat!!!11